Saturday, February 22, 2014


Because I'm still in the lovey dove spirit, I took a look back at my instagrams and these were some of my favorites…
First off, how can you not love this kid who is smitten with the Dungeons and Dragons books? I recently listed to a pod cast on Stuff You Should Know. Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant took me inside the worlds most popular RPG, and I liked it.

Naturally Olive is going to be in this post. What a sweet little lass.

A year a go Ben cut his hair off. Thank you Ben.

La Jolla, on a nice five year anniversary weekend trip. Where I apparently took pictures of someones child flying a kite.

This picture is currently my screen saver. I took it in Santa Barbara when Mom, Ben and I took a trip up the coast. I love those little kayaks all nestles in together.

Happy Instagram-ing folks!


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