Saturday, February 15, 2014


All of my air plants are dying. I'm incredibly upset and a little baffled. I've had most of them for at least three years--three healthy years. The stalks above are from my last remaining survivor, but it's slowly whittling down to its bulb and is maybe 1/5 of its former size. Sigh. I'm so bummed. Why, Tacoma?! Why are you killing all my air plants?!

Maybe as some kind of trade off, Tacoma has been providing some decent sunsets. I'm a sucker for a pinky-purple sky, even if it doesn't have any clouds to feed my #cloudobsession. 

I received this card from my dear little friend Zoey. I thought I'd be able to send one final card to her old house before she moved, but it seems my plans were not entirely successful. Zoey's note reads: Dear Christine. Sorry. You're too late. Canyon and I are having fun. From Zoey. 

Sisters, I am buying both of you this book I found at Goodwill. Whatever it is, it's for us. I also might have had that boy's Airwalks at some point.

Bruno has been invading my bedspace in a big way. One night I woke to find him sleeping on my legs, the jerk. But I can't really be annoyed with him because he's so cute!

This is the other cutie in my life: Matilda! She's really into me and I'm really into her. She waits for me to get up in the morning, giving me little murs of encouragement and follows me all through the house. We pretty much sing the best friend song together on the daily.

I promise that most weeks are more interesting than this. If you believe I'd never lie to you, you can follow me on Instagram @christinesuzanne or VCSO Christine Nicolai

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