Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Peanut & Purls and decorating for Valentine's Day!

The only part of Valentine's Day that I've ever given a crap about was in elementary school when we would get to decorate some brown paper lunch bag with constructions paper, doilies, and glitter. We would tape these pink and red glitter heart bombs to our desk with much anticipation. The next day all the kids would deliver valentines to our desks. Usually the paper bags (Valentine mailboxes...?) would tear and fall off the desk before the day was over but that was just a sign that you were gifted a lot of valentine loot! 

I'm thoroughly disappointed that I haven't been asked at work to decorate a brown paper bag to tape on my desk--why are adults so boring? The only other nice thing about Valentine's Day is the number of easy fun and festive decorating that can be done! It's like someone drank a ton of Kool Aide, beets, and Pepto Bismal and then threw up everywhere. Enjoy!

My little village of box houses that Monika made me were bombarded with hearts. Seriously, they're under attack. I guess under attack more appropriately describes what happened next. I had just added a few hearts to Peanut's cat cottage. Her house mimics the village pictured above. Decorating her house wouldn't have been a problem except for that she was in it at the time. She thought we were playing, we weren't. There were some pom-poms, paper hearts, and...well...a decent amount of blood.

I honestly know better than to try to get anything done when Peanut is around to "help." Peanut could single handily keep the ER and glassware section of Ikea in business. I still love her though she's too fluffy and chirpy not to! I glued some hearts to some hideous fuzzy yarn. This served as my paper garland that was promptly draped over my Presidential plate collection. Peanut approved and then immediately tried to knock it off the wall.

I decided to give cat house decorating another go after she had mellowed some. This is Peanut's main home (the aforementioned cottage is more of a recreational country home). Her main house sits in the living room  by the heater, and she spends most of her day sleeping in it. The heat gets trapped inside the house and it quickly turns into a sleepy cat's dream--cat sauna. Way to be festive Peanut!

Look on the bright side--at least blood is red.


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