Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Peanut & Purls and new knits

Do you remember at the end of December when I blogged about Brooklyn Tweed's Winter Look Book? There was that one resplendent sweater called Alloy. I caved and bought some knitpicks yarn. I really wanted to get Brooklyn Tweed yarn (remember Truffle Hunt?), but it would be a $150 sweater, and I want to make sure I love the pattern first.

The body of the sweater will be the light grey (Dove Heather) and the accent panels will be the dark grey (Cobblestone Heather). Nice try on the naming Knitpicks--I mean it's fine, but it's definitely not Truffle Hunt. I'm so hung up on the name! The only other sweater I've knit is one from Vogue knitting. I called it the wet dolphin sweater because it was a nice shade of grey that reminded me, of course, of a wet dolphin. 

I'm excited to kick this off, but first I have to finish the Battlestar Galactica sock for my mom. There are worse problems to have, and it's good to have goals. Right?


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