Friday, February 7, 2014

Best of: #LateNight Hashtags

You probably know we love our Jimmy Fallon videos. I mean, really love, and since he's moving to The Tonight Show this month, I thought I'd round up a couple of my favorite segments from his Late Night days. This is the #LateNight Hashtags edition!

I fall into the YouTube rabbit hole hard on this one and emerge like 3 hours later completely drained from laughing. When I was putting together my favorites for this post, I ended up watching hashtags clips until midnight on a Thursday. Now, you don't have to watch these all at once, like if you're at work or have a life. But you could also just hunker down and watch them all in one stretch. Be careful. This is powerful stuff. (My favorites are the crazy family tweets. Perfection!)






Not all of the hashtag segments are on YouTube, but you can watch more--oh so many more--on the Late Night hashtags page. I recommend:


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