Friday, February 28, 2014

Best of: Leather DIYs

There's no doubt that leather is a classic, and it's not surprising that we've seen a large number of leather projects over the past year. Leather can be incorporated into any design from ultra modern to vintage-inspired and when cared for, leather will only get better with age. Here are a few of my favorite modern leather projects...

This DIY leash by Dismount Creative impresses me to no end. It looks so incredibly well-finished! I feel like my DIYs, no matter how much I've refined the process, still always look like DIYs. But this leash is sharp enough to shell out some serious USDs. If I had a dog, I'd make the heck out of it. 

I've seen quite a few envelope-style leather card holders lately, but this little number by Andi Strand for Fairgoods, stood out with its stenciled alphabet and contrasting stitches. Clean, simple, and graphically appealing. 

Image via Fairgoods

This leather tassel from the June 2012 issue of Rue Magazine would be sweet and simple on a key ring or attached to your purse. The folks at Rue suggest attaching the tassel to the handle of your luggage in order to prevent mix-ups. Good idea, but I'm afraid I wouldn't want my handmade tassel going through those luggage chutes at the airport. 

I'm amazed by Matt Pierce's handmade mail basket and would make one in a second...if it weren't for the fact that a drill press is involved. A drill press! That's some legitimate craftsmanship. But Matt really seems to know his leather craft. Check out all the DIYs he's put together for Design* Sponge!

Image via Design* Sponge

I'm forever trying to figure out how to make a ponytail look a bit more put together. Sadly, I haven't gotten very far on that front. But Clemence of Oh the Lovely Things created this easy and sweet hair tie that might just go the trick!

Image by Oh the Lovely Things

If you're looking for more leather inspiration, here are a couple of DIY projects I completed recently.


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