Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Previously, in Catherine's life...

A lot has happened since the sisters three went on hiatus. Let me try to catch you up a bit...

I went through a sudden breakup, had to put everything in storage, and move out of my home etc. (This story doesn't have an uplifting beginning.) That meant that I retreated back to mom's house, licked my wounds, and figured out what the hell I was going to do. I tried to get into a new routine, and this old barn was my favorite site to see when I would go for a jog in the morning before work.

About a month later, I got a new (different) job working for the state and left the senate after a very proper sendoff that included balloons, bottles of bourbon, and brownies! Ke$ha--if you want help writing your next new song, I think I'm on to something--enough with the boots and boys.

PW (aka Peanut, Penelope, etc.) was pretty miserable at my mom's house. She didn't always get along with all her cousins. Peanut wanted her own place again and she wanted it now. She's a little Verruca Salt cat if I've ever seen one!

So after I got a new job, I had officially decided the hunt was on for a house. I bought the first house I looked at (it was meant to be...don't worry), I looked at several others...boring snore. The winner is a perfect historical home, built in 1907, and really close to downtown. It's exactly what I wanted. My dear friend Tony was on hand to officially welcome me to the home buyers club!

I've been at my new house for just over one month, and I feel pretty settled. There are so many projects to do, but I'm excited about most of them. Adulting can be pretty tough sometimes, and I feel like this year I've had to experience the lows (idiot boys) and the highs (homeowner say whaaatttttt!!!!) of adulting.  And if there's one way to sum up this sentiment, it's with cookies from Ikea which conveniently contain the letters to spell out my favorite gleeful onomatopoeia.

Stay tuned for plenty of projects, Peanut, and the usual randomness that the three sisters are known for. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some YouTube talent audition videos to watch for the 82nd time. Jealous?

Hope you had a bangin' July. Tomorrow is August and that means one thing (actually there are several things happening in August, but one thing stands out to the Nicolai tribe)--CHRISTINE'S BIRTHDAY MONTH!


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