Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make: A Merry Garland

So it's mid November now and if you are like us sisters, and love to put those handmade majesties under the Christmas tree, then the clock is starting to tick. Lucky for me I can pull out last years decorations and not spend all that precious time selfishly making adornments. I will, however, encourage you to take the time to make a handy construction paper Christmas garland to bring some holiday cheer into your home.

I'd advise you get your garland ready now, because you'll need all of December to make your lists of projects that you have every intention of completing. So get garlanding...

For the Christmas garland I chose to make acorns, holly leaves (and berries), and popcorn. I made my pattern out of cardboard, but you'll only need to have half of the full cut out shape (for instance, half an acorn pattern) because you will cut on the fold so the shape is totally symmetrical.

Glue your pieces together with some basic craft glue, and once they are dry go ahead and use a tapestry needle and a bit of bakers twine, or fine yarn, and get to threading. Then decorate away, well maybe wait until after Thanksgiving, but at least you'll be ready to decorate away.

If you have some time on your hands and haven't yet got your autumn swag out, you should check out Catherine's tutorial for autumn leaf garland.


  1. So cute! Is of the best Christmas garkands i have seen!
    Super mpravooooo!!!


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