Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home and Away: The I-90 Corridor

You might think there's a whole lot of nothing between Spokane and Seattle/Tacoma. Well, let me assure you, you are mistaken. One of my favorite things about Washington is the amazing landscape from the east to the west side. I don't even mind the 4.5-5 hour drive all that much because it takes me from grassland and prairie to dense forest and mountain range. Also, because driving relaxes me. Yes, just like Ms. Miller in The Chipmunk Adventure. I think about her way too much. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about...

Leaving Auburn and heading towards I-90.

Heading through North Bend on my way into the Cascades.

Ryegrass Summit, near Vantage.

Columbia River crossing

On the east side of the Columbia, heading toward George, WA. 

My favorite trees just outside of Moses Lake, WA. 

And at this point in the evening, it becomes too dark to take any pictures. Also, a bunch of mice start leaving the fields and attempting to cross the interstate. I'd rather they didn't because I've sent one or two to their mousey maker, and I felt really awful about it. Mice, if you're ready this you're probably a rats of NIMH type colony of super mice and don't need me to tell you to stop scurrying across the interstate, but you should give the regular mice a heads up. That's just good advice.

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