Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home and Away: Halloween

As I write this I can hear several things: the drums of the haunted house two doors down, the screams of people anxiously waiting in line on the sidewalk, and the happy candy-fueled conversations of the hordes of kids shuffling along the street. It's Halloween in Burbank...

But I celebrated last weekend by taking a trek to the metro and heading into Hollywood to the Next Stage theater, and A Drinking Game for Beetlejuice! (Sorry for the blurry photos, but it really does pay tribute to a fun semi blurry night.)

This was my first show and I loved it! It's a fun concept, great cast, and there are even goodie bags. Unfortunately, I didn't have any cash to purchase one, but surely next time I will. I may have gotten a little tipsy and petitioned hard to have them perform Jurassic Park. I made some big promises, including constructing dinosaur heads from papier mache.

The show was a riot and we even met our Wes Anderson equals, when who should show up... but Suzy and Sam, from Moonrise Kingdom.

Meow, I loved the character accessories.

And naturally we were both elated to have another couple to get excited about each others clever costumes. All in all a great pre-Halloween weekend.

Now to paint a strip of black over my eyes, and go out in to the night to see what stirs...

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  1. Looks like fun! I love the way you described Halloween at the beginning of the post :)



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