Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WANT: Datter Industries

tiny golden hand necklace

OK, I'm just going to say it: whenever I don't have money to spend on handmade trinkets and unique adornments, I want them even more. Get a clue, brain. You'd rather have soy milk and grapenuts over letterpressed posters and digitally printed silk scarves, right? Priorities! So, I've decided that until I'm able to make these lovely items my own, I'm going to quietly covet and visit them online and profess my admiration for them here, there, and everywhere. Today I have an object crush on the delicate jewelry by artist Kaye Blegvad of Datter Industries. Everything she creates seems to exude a magical quality, almost as if each item were a little spell...

golden protective hand bangle

hart & hunt golden deer necklace

cat face lapel pin

My illustration background means I tend to make pieces with a drawing-based process and a story behind them. I like things dark but elegant, and my jewelry covers some of the same themes I explore in my illustration work: ritual, the occult, war, weaponry, animals, talismans. I like things to show signs of being handmade: nothing too clean or too perfect.  -- Kaye Blegvad

If you're intrigued (so intrigued!) and want to find out more about Kaye's activities, projects, and adventures, please visit Kaye's etsy store, Datter Industries;  Kaye's blog, Blogvad (clever, clever); or the Kaye Blegvad website. 

P.S. Kaye's not only a jewelry artist, she's also an illustrator whose work has appeared in Lucky and The New York Times. And she's a 3D paper artist! Hmm, I think that officially makes her a triple threat. Well, Kaye, you should know that's just the sort of thing we Nicolai sisters love to hear. Dear Kaye, you're now on the list of ladies we like. 

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