Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home & Away: Wish I Were Away

I wish I were wandering around the Smithsonian museums this week. Looking at creatures long dead and immense collections of random/amazing/historically significant objects seems infinitely preferable to the whole lot of nothing that's currently happening here. Sorry, Spokane, I don't mean to speak ill of you, but come on. It's the Smithsonian...

Even though wandering the floors of a couple of the Smithsonian museums left us so utterly bone-tired that we sat on the marble floor and leaned against the wall until we had the strength to drag ourselves back to the hotel, I'd embark on this adventure again. Maybe I'm forgetting the fact that it was 104 degrees when we were there. Hmm. Wait. Doesn't matter--the Smithsonian laughs in the face of summer heatwaves.

And just look at these three, all trying to be the tallest. Little did we know that the Tyrannosaur had us all beat. We are just about knee-high. Even Catherine. Oh sisters, when are we going back?

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