Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Make: Cotton Necklaces

For a long time my favorite yarn has been Sugar n' Cream, I just love the bright fun color combinations of the 100% cotton yarn... that's under $2. So it should be no surprise that I used it for my cotton necklaces. One day I looked at my size 1 double pointed needles and some pretty color variations and lo and behold, the cotton necklace...

I picked out some nice complimentary colors, because I wanted to make a few necklaces that could be worn together.

Pulled out my double pointed needles and started to experiment with some patterns.

Once I created a pattern that I liked and I went to town. Then I capped the ends with jewelry caps (using hot glue) and connected them to chains (with jewerly pliers).

Easy cotton necklaces. Wear them alone, wear them together, make one to match every outfit. I really will work out the pattern I used someday and post it; I certainly do have the best of intentions.


  1. I love these necklaces! I love the new blog header! I love the new Sister's profile pics! I promise! On my honor!

    1. On my honor, I declare, I love your enthusiasm!! :)

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