Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peanut & Purls & Battlestar Galactica Socks...?

Yeah you heard me right. Battlestar Galactica socks. I have never seen an episode of BG, but I think Monika and Ben have seen enough so that I don't have to. They even became friends with one of the actors from BG (it was a chance friendship, founded in a bar in Burbank), but not knowing anything about the show, I can't even tell you who they're friends with! For shame!

It turns out you don't need to know a thing about Battlestar to knit a pair of socks inspired by the show. And that's exactly what I'm doing. They're called Viper Pilots, again this reference is lost on me. I just googled Viper Pilot, and it provided zero clarity.

I was attracted to their geometric pattern. That and they seemed like they would be a fun knit. In full disclosure, I first found out of about these socks on the yarnharlot's blog. Because I read her blog, I follow her on Ravelry, and since I follow her on Ravelry, I decided to check out her sock projects, which is where I found Viper Pilots. The pattern is by Glenna C., and you can take a page out of my book and purchase it on Ravlery. I started these socks two nights ago, and my plan is to have them done by Christmas. I can't really show you what the socks look like based on what I have done so far (I've knit about 1 inch), but I find my favorite Viper Pilots project on Ravelry. Linnakat did a superb job on her pair of socks--see for yourself!

My goal when they're finished is to not think, jeez this is a lot of work to go through for socks. If they're a hit, I will check out Glenna's Ravelry for another sock pattern. Let me tell you, Glenna's got it going on! She has some of the most interesting cables, textures, and designs I've seen in a while...and they're on socks! Who wouldn't love that?!? Check it...those green bobble socks have my name all over them. Marry me Glenna!

Until the socks are complete, I must store them up high where they have a chance at being safe from the destroyer Peanut (she's a small tank that destroys everything). Don't fret, Alicia is looking out.

Ugh! As if!


  1. I love the socks! I'm brand new to knitting and am so excited to try socks! I bought a great book about knitting socks, but had to return it. The mail carrier bent my HARDCOVER book in half to fit it in my mailbox instead of walking ten steps to put it in the apartment office, which accepts packages. Who does that? :(

    1. That's horrible!!! Waiting for a package delivery is bad enough, but to have your highly anticipated knitting delivery crumpled is not ok! Best of luck to you in your sock knitting adventures. Stick with it, you'll love them!


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