Thursday, November 21, 2013

Made & Found Cardboard Cat Houses!

It's no secret that the Nicolai sisters like cats. More specifically, you probably already know that we like a creative and inexpensive alternative to store-bought creations. I've made cat toys, beds, etc...

I've previously blogged about my cat cottage that I made out of some boxes.

And I've also walked you through making your cat their very own scratching post.

Well, I'm in the process of making another cat house to add to the cottage pictured above. After all, it takes a (cardboard cat) village to help raise a really bad cat.

That's my plan, to make a cat-sized village for Peanut and Genevieve to call their very own. I've started the construction. I made a house with a tiled roof (out of cardboard of course). I need to pick out just the right shade of paint for this little gingerbread-inspired abode. It you look closely, you can see that Peanut is inside the house.

My goal is to make a cat house modeled after the house in Up. I mean, seriously, how cute would that be?!?!

Also, when I was investigating the Up house, I found an article about a guy in Utah who actually constructed a real house modeled after Up! It's pretty neato if you ask me. Also Up is a great movie but so, so sad. Maybe too sad for a Pixar movie. Rips my heart out every single time. I think Monika has vowed to never watch it again because the first 10 minutes are just too devastating.

My plan is to have Peanut's cardboard village grow slowly over time. Making home improvements is really expensive. That's what every cat should remember that there's always money in the banana stand!

Peanut is definitely going to need a banana long as she promises not to burn it down.

I'm amazed by what can be constructed out of cardboard. Cardboard cat houses are impressive and everything, but my mind was blown when Monika blogged about cardboard Halloween costumes. Check it!

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