Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peanut & Purls & Herringbone Knits!

I've been a knitter for a number of years now, however, I've never attempted the herringbone stitch. Not because it seemed too daunting or anything, but I never really thought about there being a herringbone stitch. I mean really, who knew!?!

I've been branching out more in life (like a tiny bit more), and that means that I also try knew knit stitches. Try everything once, right? It's kind of slow going because the herringbone stitch requires that you keep just the right amount of slack, and you have to pull on the knitting every once in a while. All these new tricks are the recipe for a sluggish knit. I love the way the swatch looks, but I've already started two new projects since casting this on...and I've gone back to my Lisa Frank paintings. Like I said, the herringbone stitch causes me to be easily distracted.

I guess it's not just the knitting's fault. There's also this somewhat-mental-but-lovable black and white cat that doesn't know how to let yarn be. Genevieve is a fool for yarn. Also, even while I blog this now, my mind is wandering. The cause this time is that fine little Alice in Wonderland coffee mug. Now all I can think about is Disneyland. Sometimes, I can space (mountain) off and think about Disneyland for a solid ten minutes without feeling guilty about it. Such a magical kingdom--there's a certain temperature, pleasant new smell, and sound that the park exudes. It's like the park is hugging you! 

 My Disneyland is Genevieve's yarn. Look at her...she's wafting in its magic!

Unfortunately, none of us can just up and head to Disneyland (except for maybe Monika and Ben...season passers). All I can give you is a 3 minutes distraction where you can check out these swoon-worthy herringbone patterns. It looks like they have their tension:slack ratio just right...those bastards!

1. Purl Bee--Whit's knits big herringbone cowl.  Purl Bee has some lovely patterns and is always inspiring. I've knit a couple of their projects. The one complaint I have is that they cater to the snobby knitter. I mean, sure their stuff is gorgeous, but it's always modeled in yarn that costs $500. No. Thank. You. For. Realsy.

2. Rose Jordan's comforting herringbone cowl. (Link to Ravelry). I'm a sucker for a gray knit. This cowl looks like it's made of smooth, braided clay, and I mean that in the most amazing way.

3. Kira K Designs herringbone mittens. It's starting to feel like winter and looking at these mittens, makes my hands yearn from some knit mitts. I just might have to pay a visit to Kira's website and purchase a pattern.

What say you? Herringbone...thumbs up or thumbs down?

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