Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Handmade Home: Fall Decor OMH style

It's time to put away your spooky spider and black cats (not black and whites, they can stay I guess), because spooky October has been buried. It's time to get straight in to fall, welcome to November!

Here are some of our sisters (well these three posts are all from Catherine, way to embrace the season!) crafts that can make you a little more thankful...

 To start it off check out this Autumn Bookshelf, I'm certain everyone has plenty of construction paper laying around the house, so get to it. If you really want to get the look of Catherine's fall bookshelf village you can also check out this post on how I created the little cardboard house.

 Once your surfaces are covered with lovely fall colors, look a bit higher, and start dreaming of dressing up those windows with this autumn leaf garland. This concept was originally birthed from Christine's Valentine's day garland, then was re-conceived during a sister visit. Whatever the origin, there is no denying that you really should have construction paper in your house at all times.

Last but certainly not least, in fact this may be the most beloved of these three fall inspired projects, the Thanksgiving cat toys. If you have read the blog before you should know that Catherine has a really mischevious black and white cat, named Penelope (aka Peanut). It's a full time job distracting her from breaking everything and anything that she can access, so why not distract in with the spirit of the season.

If you like these, you should also check out the Halloween and Valentine's day cat toys, they quickly get destroyed by the force that is Peanut, so it's nice to be able and look back to see how cute they were originally.

Thanks Catherine, keep up the good work!

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