Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Report Inspiration: Fall Reading List

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Willow Springs, the literary journal operated by EWU's MFA program, posted a link on Facebook today from The Daily Beast: "What Sebastian Junger, Susan Orlean, and Others Are Reading This Fall." It got me thinking about my own fall reading list and reading lists in general. As a reader (and a very nosey person), I'm quite interested in what others are reading. And I especially love reading lists from authors I admire. Authors, make more public lists of what you're reading! 

Donna Tartt and Stephen King seem to be on almost every list--along with Amy Tan, Helen Fielding, Jhumpa Lahiri, Wally Lamb, and Dave Eggers, and I've read nothing by any of them, save King. Jeezy Pete, I have so much reading to do. 

My fall reads:

1. Night Film, Marisha Pessl (You can watch a book trailer for Night Film here.)
2. Woes of the True Policeman, Roberto BolaƱo
3. Doctor Sleep, Stephen King
4. Dear Life, Alice Munro

Here are a few of the reading lists I'm looking to for inspiration:

1. The Seattle Times: "43 New Books for Fall 2013" Talk about the total package. They've compiled all the new books in order of publication (Sept-Nov) and genre. They even include poetry. Well done, Seattle Times, well done. 

2. Refinery 29: "Sartorial Book Club: 6 Novel Looks to Pair with 2013's Literary Adventures" I'm excited that they're attempting to capture the mood of these six novels in clothing and accessory suggestions. I love seeing a visual representation of stories, regardless of the form that representation takes. It just makes me intrigued as all get out. Like, I love that black starry dress and those purple velvet tuxedo slippers! I wonder what Anne Rice's The Wolves of Midwinter is like?

3. The Atlantic: "Fall Books Preview: 22 Notable New Releases" Big names like Margaret Atwood and Thomas Pynchon as well as several selections from authors just beginning to make their marks. Plus, Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age! Sisters, this is not a test; this is really happening.

4. Daily Candy: "New Books on Our Fall Reading List" Carolyn Mason curates a list dedicated to "mysteries, memoirs, and moments of melancholy." A sweet list encompassing three subjects I adore and an alliterative subtitle? Girl, you just made my day.

5. The Daily Beast also houses an impressive collection of author-compiled reading lists broken into very specific categories. Young adult novels, horror classics, science fiction, westerns, and madness, among other dangerous and niche subjects... Be still my heart.

What's on your reading list this fall?

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