Friday, November 1, 2013

Best of mom...

Most people think their mom is pretty darn special, and the Nicolai sisters are no different. Today's "Best of" post is dedicated to our mom who's 14-year cancer-free anniversary is tomorrow. 

Our mom grew up on a farm in Minnesota. She is country enough to actually know what it is like to only have an outhouse, ride a cow, and swim in a creek. She was a cheerleader for the wrestling team (she still says wrastling) and the homecoming queen, but still knew how to work as hard as her brothers on the family farm.

In her early twenties she took up karate on a whim. A friend of hers wanted to go to the class for self defense and our mom went along. Well, she kind of took to it, and ended up becoming an honorary black belt and three-state national champ. She still claims that she could throw someone down if need be, and I kind of believe her. 

She's travelled the world with my dad who was in the military. She lived in Korea and Germany and sometimes will drop a really awesome story about her travels that we've never heard before.

in Seoul, Korea.
Probably the most impressive thing she's done is raise three daughters. While I've been told we were pretty good kids (obviously)-- it's still an impressive feat and something that sounds kind of horrific to me.

On a beach in Italy.
Nearly three years ago we threw mom a big bash for her 60th birthday. Lots of her friends came down to Olympia and we all had a really great time. Christine made her a special birthday ribbon complete with her high school graduation picture. I don't think anyone has ever met mom and not liked her. She always talks about how she "never meets a stranger" and that it's the Minnesota in her. Us sisters, we meet strangers all the time. Our motto is more like "never meet a new friend!" I kid...kind of.

While our mom doesn't have any grand kids, she sure does take care of all of our pets from time-to-time. I think we've all relied on her to pet sit for a long weekend (sometimes more for me). You can tell the pets are all smitten.

She's certainly lived a very interesting life. From a farm in Minnesota to Asia, Europe, and eventually to Washington, our mom has led an adventurous life.

And for the last 14 years, on November 2nd, the sisters spend some time celebrating how amazing our mom is! Happy 14 years mom!!!

Oh yeah, she also likes to see things like airplanes, dahlias, whales, ships, horses, etc. etc.


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