Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Handmade Home: Halloween Costume!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween this year, and got to proudly strut around in your handmade costumes...and repeatedly explain who or what you are. It's one of the pitfalls of having a higher bar for your costume than the oh so popular, dead ____ , sexy ____ or zombie. 

Last year I was the Fantastic Mrs. Fox, the year prior I dressed up as a mountain, so what did I do this year...

...Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I made my costume and some great accessories, which were a must so people didn't think I was the little orphan Annie or Mrs. Claus.

I used some colored clay to make my everlasting gobstoppers. I made sure to make extras so that I could give some away, totally out of character for Salt. I haven't baked anything I made out of clay for years, but they actually held up really great, not one broken gobstopper casualty.

When I consulted with people the number one thing that I needed to differentiate and stand out as my actual costume, was a golden goose egg. I just got an styrofoam egg at the craft store, did some paper mache over it so I could spray paint it without having the foam disintegrate.

I forgot to put pockets in my dress the first time I wore it, and had to carry my accessories around throughout the night. Fortunately, Jenny had a great idea to fasten my golden egg to my wrist with a gold band. (She was also nice enough to let me make a gold mess in her back yard while I finished up my egg before her Halloween party)

Now that I had my character accessories, I needed my gentleman accessory, Ben. He dressed up as another golden ticket holder, Mike Teavee. We had a perfect white cowboy hat that Ben found at a thrift store back in Washington, but unfortunately I left it at my moms house. So for Halloween back in Burbank, he switched it up and went as Baysider, Zach Morris.

Mom was really skeptical that I could pull of making my dress in one day, but two yards of fabric, on yard of cotton trim and seven buttons later; but don't look too closely it's not perfect. I did however add pockets before I wore it on Halloween night.

Halloween costume! Sorry for the terrible selfy but my photographer beau was working/sick when we got back home and wasn't able to attend my photo shoot. And yes that is Olive, my big black dog, laying at my feet, she's always around, I wish she knew how to hold a camera.

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