Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peanut & Purls & Autumn Wreaths

This post is about how you should make a fall wreath and then put it on your cat...well it's sort of about that. You should make a fall leaf wreath and hang it on your door, but first put it on your cat, seriously, they'll love it.

Monika just highlighted some of our favorite fall decorations yesterday. I found inspiration from last year's fall foliage garland and whipped up this festive wreath for my front door. It's pretty easy to make. You'll need the following: card stock, paint, a grape leaf wreath (Michael's), scissors, and some hot glue.

I cut out various leaf shapes freehand. You can make them maple leaves if you want, but I didn't. I went with your basic leaf. It's not fancy, but it doesn't need to be. The next step is to paint the leaves a little bit. Do whatever you want with this part. There isn't a right or wrong way to paint a leaf. I had plenty of help from my feline friends.

That's pretty much it. Once you think you have enough leaves just glue them on the wreath like so.

Oh wait, there is one more step. Don't forget to put the wreath on your cat! And then eventually make sure the wreath finds its way to the front door.

Insert knock-knock joke here. I'm sure there's one out there, something about Who's there? Fall? Fall who? I don't really know the punchline, I never got into the knock-knock business.

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