Thursday, November 7, 2013

Made & Found: Fall Footsteps

At the end of October I went home to Washington to visit the fam. Having lived in Southern California for the past three autumns I have not been able to enjoy a colorful wonderland in a while. So many of the pictures I took while I was home ended up being of fallen leaves on the ground, so here is my visit in groundscapes...

Jenny and Brandon picked us up from the airport and our first stop was a Angle Lake to drop off Ben, who was surprising his Mom after a kayak trip. You'll notice that I was grossly under dressed for the crisp weather, having left Burbank that afternoon compared to Jenny.

I went back to Jenny and Brandon's to help them with last minute prep for their annual Halloween party. I also had to finish up some last minute prep for my Halloween costume, and may have gotten a little carried away with the gold spray paint. 

The next day Christine picked me up from Jenny's house. Kudos to her for great decor, snacks and spooky punch. We went to Compass Rose's new Tacoma location, where I purchased a new Rifle notebook and some other treats.

When we got back to Mom's house Christine started to make dinner. Tamales! She needed some swiss chard from the garden so I put on Mom's garden shoes and went trouncing around in the back. Sully and I hung out for a bit. His big brown eyes reminded me a lot of Olive, who is always looking around...

On Monday we took a day trip up the Olympic Peninsula, destination Ft. Worden. We took a couple detours at some parks along the way. Here are another couple shots from Potlatch State Park.  The water was so high there and the leaves were bountiful.

Of course the next night was Rufus! It was a definite change of wardrobe to dress for a night event in Washington vs California, but luckily last fall when I was home I purchases some fun maroon tights, which matched perfectly with my handmade clutch.

If you want more Washington visit pictures I just posted some last Saturday, you should check them out, if you want to (sorry didn't mean to be bossy).


  1. Monika - This is the best Fall tour.

    We have friends from Tacoma who are in the Burbank area this weekend for a Sports Film Festival. They are loving our very warm weather, as one does when on vacation. Their son has recently moved to the LA area to work in the film industry and play in a band. Even with all that 22ish exciting life he misses the rain! (atta boy)

  2. It's funny after living in Burbank for three years I get excited when it rains, or is even overcast for that matter; but I love that 95% of the time it's blue skies. I think Catherine summed it up when she was talking about the temperature at Disneyland, it's like getting a comforting warm hug.


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