Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Report: Night Film

Finished Night Film and loved it. It's one of those labyrinthine novels that seems to reveal, seems to offer a way out, but is actually adding another layer of intrigue and peril. There were a couple times when I forced myself to put the book down after midnight and before falling into a troubled sleep, thought about the plausible insanity I had just read...

I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil anything, but there's an unlikely alliance, a quest for truth, a hero's journey, a dangerous obsession, a parakeet, and a mystery within a mystery within a mystery. You'll totally dig it.

"How do I know I'm the good guy?"

He pointed at me, nodding. "A very wise question. You don't. Most bad guys think they're good. But there are a few signifiers. You'll be miserable. You'll be hated. You'll fumble around in the dark, alone and confused. You'll have little insight as to the true nature of things, not until the very last minute, and only if you have the stamina and the madness to go to the very end. But most importantly--and critically--you will act without regard for yourself. You'll be motivated by something that has nothing to do with ego. You'll do it for justice. For grace. For love." --Marisha Pessl

I will say that Pessl has created sort of a hybrid novel with Night Film. She's crafted magazine and newspaper articles, movie stills, phone book pages, family photos, websites and message boards--all visually represented in the novel. It was off-putting at first, and my instinct was to dislike it as a gimmick. But somehow it works here and works quite well. Go out and read it so we can discuss!

1. Morgan Phillips, by Jared Chambers; 2. Mansion, via Kindred Kind; 3. NYC reservoir, by My Style Loft; 4. Staircase, via The Ancient Serpent; 5. Michigan Central Station, by Cori Conz; 6. Abandoned piano, by Andre Govia; 7. Man on canoe, by Haberdash; 8. Adventure gear, by She Wolf; 9. Texting, via My Life & Love; 10. Girl in red coat, by Parachutgirl; 11. Blue budgie, by Loop the Life; 12. Running, by Oliver Bryce Yates, via Orbs.


  1. Adding this to my Goodreads "wish list"! It sounds so good. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome, Lauren! I loved it. I hope you totally dig it!


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