Thursday, November 14, 2013

Made and found: Knit Wish List

If you ever read the blog, you'll know that I'm a knitter. I enjoy knitting (mostly)--it's relaxing, productive, and I really love to be able to say, "yeah...what?...I made this....ugh!" That being said, I sometimes get serious knitter envy. I look around online and see all these amazing knits and my inner monologue starts up, "ummmmm self, why don't you ever knit things like this?!?" This post is dedicated to my knit wish list. Check it!

Baby knits are just the cutest. I don't even like babies that much. I mean sure babies are great, but I'm not baby crazy. I think baby knits are the bee's knees because they're extra whimsical and take so much less time to knit. I love miniature everything so what's not to love about miniature adult knits? I owe several of my friend's some knitted treasures. Baby Z, I'm looking at you!

I'm super smitten over comfy knit sweaters. I don't like to crank up the heat in my house, so I can justify spending the money on yarn and the hundred+ hours it takes to knit some of these detailed sweaters. Don't get me wrong, I haven't actually knit something as involved as the horse or campfire sweater, I just aspire to.

Probably the category I excel at the most or at least the category I find myself knitting the most is your classic practical knit. I'm currently knitting #3. I would show you a picture, but it won't look anything like the picture above and would come across as a crumple-y and pitiful mess of blue. I'll showcase it once there's something to showcase.

Are you inspired by anything on my knit wish list? I hope so. Check out the links below to find sources. Not all of these are patterns. Some of the items are for sale in etsy stores or online in regular old corporate shops. Have at it if you like!

Lux knits:
  1. Knit skirt: Holla knits by Allyson Dykhuizen
  2. Sequined sweater: Love and knit online store
  3. Heart sweater (she enhances a One sheepish girl blog
Baby knits:
  1. Pigeons: Oeuf store
  2. Baby bear hat: The Little White Company store
  3. Baby crown: Lace and Cable etsy store
Smoking/Lounging sweaters:
  1. Blue grandpa sweater: Lady I Swear By All Flowers blog
  2. Campfire sweater: Granted clothing store
  3. Equine sweater (it's been sold but they have lots more vintage knits): Simple thrift etsy store
Practical knits:

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