Friday, November 15, 2013

Best of: Fall Covets

When you've got the fall chill in your bones, it's oh so nice to be able to climb in to a nice oversized jacket or poncho. It's also oh so nice to wrap in a blanket or go out and take a bike ride in the fall air. So with that being said, here are my best fall covets...

1. how fickle my heart via Tumbler 2. Woolen cape coat from Sheinside 3. via Tumbler (source unknown)

I love a nice cozy warm blanket during the fall, albeit I can only really enjoy them after sun down here in California. Here are three blanket covets to keep you warm in the crisp wind. If you love a good Pendleton wool blanket and are a South Sound native head over to Compass Rose, and you'll not only find a nice new blanket, but a thousand other amazing things. 

A huge sisters covet are Husdson Bay Co. blankets, Christine was lucky enough to find two at an estate sale this summer!

1. Matterless Tumbler  2. Hudson Bay Co. Wool Blanket HejaHome  3. Alpaca Blanket Scarf Lands End

I can't say enough great things about an ankle boot. I love the look and they are such a nice way (with some cozy socks) to keep your feet warm while playing in those leaves.

1. Melinda Lace Boots, Anthropologie 2. Britta Nickel, Tumbler

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