Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful Wonderful Miniature World.

I just found these as I was gazing longingly at the miniature world of diorama art
 and decided I had to share them.

Thomas Doyle

This piece is from the Distillation series and is titled, 'Escalation'. Thomas Doyle is a really amazing artist, you must check him out, his Reclamation and Bearings series are equally impressive.

Jonah Samson

Jonah Samson's pictures are a bit more racy. The ladies aren't shy and the men are violent and aggressive. So, be warned before you visit his Pleasantville.

Mark Hogancamp

 One last thing, if you are like me and my sisters and you love miniatures, you should watch Marwencol. It's an amazing documentary about Mark Hogancamp and the town he lives in, Marwencol.

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