Sunday, April 3, 2011

underwater fences

One of my favorite things about spring is how creeks and ponds overflow and partially submerge fenceposts. It's all wrapped up in my angsty-wilted-romantic-nature impulse...the same one that makes me want to lie on my back in a pioneer cemetary (the one along I-90 would do nicely) or live inside a dilapidated barn or drive into a frozen lake in the  middle of winter (actually, all these desires could be fulfilled along I-90).

I'm into this even with the airport Park n' Ride lot in the background.

There are fenceposts here. Look harder.

Still nothing much going on. I've decided not to talk about my dreams from last night, except to say that they did involve a horse inside my apartment and a snow shovel. Yeah, it was a real trip.

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