Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

Really we are. I have a sense for these things. 

Catherine and I did a little friendship braceleting in Manito Park during her visit. The last time I made friendship bracelets was on the bus ride to Ford Middle School in Tacoma. Ahhh, memories. Those friendship bracelets were made using the slipknot method, while these bracelets are more traditional and a bit...let's call it technically demanding. 

The orange fade bracelet is an example of the slipknot method. 

As it is with most things, Catherine got the gist of the process in two shakes. 
I tied knots halfheartedly for maybe an hour total and then just sort of spent the rest of the time lying on the blanket. 

Here's Catherine hard at work on her chevrons. 

Here's the bracelet I dicked up like five times. 

If you're utterly baffled by how Catherine turned 24 inches of embroidery floss into a sweet chevron bracelet, Molly of The Purl Bee has a great (and easy to follow, despite my initial sluggishness) tutorial with all kinds of patterns, which you can find here. 

Since I seem to find it difficult to commit to 24 inches worth of tied knots, I decided to attempt a ring. That was 12 inches worth of commitment, much more manageable. And I'll tell you this for free: err on the side of longer floss. You can always cut some away, but you will find it difficult as all get-out to add length.


To finish, I knotted each end, trimmed the excess floss, and sewed the knots together in a snug little embrace. The two knots actually look pretty cool, too...if you want to wear the ring knot side up. I should have taken a picture of that but didn't. Terrible. 

So yeah, celebrate the knot. Try it up top. You can always turn it under, like those girls who turn their rings under so their diamonds will cut your face in a fight. I don't actually know any of those girls, but I do know of them. Forget all that, because the friendship bracelet will bring us together. 


  1. Really love this, thanks for bringing back the old school memories!

  2. U are SOOO good at making chevrons they look amazing, do you think I could try using more than 4 colors??!!!??

    Lauren S. !!!! ;) :) ")

  3. Thanks! And you can use as many colors as you want, Lauren. If you're interested in other patterns, the Purl Bee tutorial has great instructions. Good luck!

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