Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bees hive honey, I'm hiving pictures of dead bees on this blog.

So this is totally more of a Christine deal. I know that she has a ton {not a literal ton, that would be horrific.} of dead preserved bees. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here, but I am one for taking advantage of good opportunities... on occasion if it's not too much work.

Overnight a bee colony, numbers in the thousands, moved in to our garbage. It was pretty terrifying and incredible. As there is a honey bee shortage we opted not to exterminate {obviously} but to simply create a not so plush garbage can experience. They picked up what we were putting down, aka garden hose, conceded, and vacated. Sadly some of their bee comrades didn't make it, a very small few, and beholden the opportunity.
Of the Garbage Honey Bee variety.

The second picture is a bee entombed in taffeta in the window of a strange florist. This bee was there for a while I originally saw it at least a month ago.

Little prince you will be kept forever.

I had to check back after Easter to, you know, see if he had risen. He had not.

Oh I just thought of another good title for this post, A Bee in my Easter Bonnet, this happened much earlier than Easter though, weeks in advance. I actually didn't have any bee related things happen on Easter, but that weekend Ben found me part of a grasshopper exoskeleton, so that was neat.


  1. Actually, I think a literal ton of bees would be terrific, not horrific. Save me those bees. I'll pick them up in the fall.

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    See you soon !

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