Wednesday, April 13, 2011

California Adventure!

The California mini-break is over. I've been back in Washington since Sunday afternoon, and guess what? My seasonal allergies were waiting to welcome me. I was not prepared. BUT let's not talk about that. Instead, we should talk about California and the adventures contained therein. I'm still organizing my thoughts and waiting for Mother to email me a few of her pictures (which means there might be a bonus California post sometime mid-June), so this is just a snack.

Stuff that happened in California in no particular order:
1. Monika made soy chorizo breakfast sandwiches with tomatoes and avocado, and Ben made bruschetta and asparagus/tofu stir fry (not on the same night).
2. Someone gave Mom wine...more than once (It was Monika and Ben!).
3. Mom and I met and instantly loved Jim Simone.
4. We saw Kevin Spacey on the Santa Monica pier.
5. We ate from a Mexican fusion gourmet taco truck in the middle of an L.A. windstorm.
6. Animatronic prehistoric beasts were enjoyed.
7. I let Monika and Ben's dogs, Olive and Lucca, lick me--that's a big deal right there.
8. Succulents were pilfered (by Monika, shhhh).
9. We sat in the living room and read a short story from Alfred Hitchcock presents: Stories NOT for the Nervous (purchased by me at Illiad Bookshop).
10. Mom, Monika, and I touched some sea creatures. We'll get into that tomorrow...

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