Monday, April 4, 2011

A walk to Ellis Cove

The cats are ready to hear about Ellis Cove too.

On Sunday, Nicholas and I decided to take a walk.  We walked along the water North towards Priest Point Park.  When we reached Ellis Cove, we entered the forest and went on a little hike.

Good thing we weren't going to participate in group running.

A tree in a stump!

The cove!

I also bought a new succulent on Sunday...

And one on Saturday.

After work, I went to Canvas Works to pick out some material to make pillows.  I love making pillows.  Nick hates throw pillows.  Oh well, this is for the guest bedroom.  I bought down pillow forms at Ikea and needed to pick out some fabric.

Genevieve already approves.

Genevieve's fake poop toy in the background (one of her favorites)

Then we made pizza.  I'm going to go eat that now!

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