Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Someone's at the door...

If you've spent any length of time around me, you're probably well aware that I enter panic mode when there's unexpected action at the door. Call first, people, always. Unless you want to put me into a tizzy, and keep in mind that Matilda also goes into a tizzy when there's an unannounced visitor. Don't do this to us. It makes our hearts beat really fast.

But today, the someone at the door was the postman, Jimmy, dropping off an unexpected package. It was a poetry broadside from Dorianne Laux! I actually said, Eeeeekkk! when I picked it up. Do you know Dorianne Laux? If you don't, you should step up and get to know her. She's on facebook, which is how I came by the broadside. She offered to send one if you supplied an address. I did and she did...thus

A swell broadside!

And a sweet blue signature!

A few of Dorianne's other books.

Totally worth opening the door. Dorianne has a new poetry collection out, The Book of Men, which I will be purchasing in a shortly. "Cher" is taken from this collection. You can preview the book here.

There's a lot going on inside those underpants.

Hey, does "Someone's at the door" sound familiar in a way that creeps you out, yet also makes you think about Harriet from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Hmmm...interesting. Maybe, like me, you've seen American Gothic. Maybe in 1995 you had a total crush on both Gary Cole and Jake Weber. (The Gary Cole crush has since waned. The Jake Weber crush has only grown stronger.) And oh yes, there really is that much screaming. Complete series, available on hulu.

Man, how did American Gothic and Dorianne Laux end up in the same post? Strange days indeed.

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