Wednesday, April 20, 2011


On Saturday my very dear friend Vanessa got herself hitched to a one (classy) Jeremy.  The day started with a trip to the Olympia Farmer's Market with my mom and Nicholas.  They had tons of garden starts, but it's too cold to actually plant anything yet.  These are pretty flowers that I liked but didn't purchase.

We got flowers, eggs, bread, and a little present for my cousin.  

The wedding started at 5:00, so we left Olympia by 3:00...

The bride!

Cake topper!

My view. My cousin.

Dancing feet.

The wedding was fun.  We danced a lot.  Nick danced even more.  The bride and groom and friends ended the night at the Zoo Bar.  Nick and Cousin Anne were gracious enough to let Nick and myself stay with them on Saturday night..  Their upstairs was better than a hotel!  The four of us enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Hi Spot it was delicious. Nick and I bummed around Seattle a little bit.

MOLLY MOONS!!!! (note the cute dog)
It was a very enjoyable weekend, and the best thing was it felt like a whole weekend!  I'm hoping to get another one of those very soon...maybe this weekend even.

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