Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ty Warner Sea Center

Here's what I hummed to myself while in California:
Malibu, Tenacious D Please note that we did not visit Malibu, but I hummed nonetheless.
California, Phantom Planet We did drive down the 101. And we saw dolphins.
Lay Down Burden, Brian Wilson And yes, I do realize that both this and California are from the Orange County Soundtrack (or the OC. Don't call it that.).
We Can Do This, The New Miracle (aka Ben) For reals. I think Monika heard me a couple times. I also have a little dance, which I kept well under wraps.
Beverly Hills, Weezer Been there.

Most of the humming took place inside Monika and Ben's place (which might be termed a bungalow?). I find myself humming at the oddest times. It's a comfort thing, I bet. And I sincerely hope that my humming is an entirely voluntary function and not roped up in my subconscious primitive reptilian brain--because I don't want to be the weird girl humming unconsciously. No sir, I do not. 

OK let's talk about the Ty Warner Sea Center! Located on the scenic Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, the Ty Warner is an extension of the SB Museum of Natural History (which we did not visit).  Admission is $8.00 for adults and believe me, that is money well spent.

We took pictures by this crazy octopus.

It had these suckers. When Monika saw this picture, she scrunched
up her nose. You know what that means: ewwww.

We took pictures of everything.

Baby swell sharks. Yup, we touched some of these. No biggie.

Here's Mom holding an old shark egg.

And Monika crouching beneath the wave pool.

And cetaceans hanging from the ceiling!

Tomorrow: more creatures of the sea...

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