Sunday, April 17, 2011

just beachy

Yesterday afternoon a couple of the neighbor girls climbed out on their roof to smoke cigarettes and wear slouchy hats and mess with their iPhones. I know this because as the word neighbor implies, they live right next door to me. Their roof is viewable through my picture window. Now in my estimation, the only reason for climbing onto the roof during daylight hours is so that people will see you sitting on the roof and think: Whoa. Those girls are edgy and cool, like an Urban Outfitters ad. Doesn't that sound about right? I mean, sitting on your roof at night needs no explanation, but at 5PM, it's kind of douchey move.

Enough codgering. Let's look at some beach pictures!

Santa Barbara

This little oyster was unusually chatty. Can you guess what it said?

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