Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Monika and Catherine in the Badlands circa 1993

Monika and I spent this last weekend making memories. Every time something unfortunate happened, Monika would say, "whatever, we're making memories!" It wasn't in a sweet way, it was sort of a shut up we're having fun kind of way. Our first set of memories were made when we decided we would walk 7 miles to the mall. Memories!

Here are some of my memories from this last weekend.
Scroll down to make my memories your memories!

Olive (or "Crispy" as Monika has started calling her) was a big part of this weekend.

These are Monika's leaf garlands. She made them with Christine.

There are so many damn leaves around her house. 

I'm jealous and it's definitely a part of a memory I made.

We made lots of memories at Disneyland.

Including this one that involved a Disneyland opossum.

The opossum kind of freaked us out. That picture isn't zoomed in. It was just hanging out next to the Nemo submarine ride. I guess if I were an opossum, I would live in Disneyland too. Do you ever think about how if you were a bird where you would live? I used to do this all the time. I would pick someplace cool like the White House, Buckingham Palace, or Woody Allen's penthouse balcony.

Thanks, sister, for all the memories!

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