Thursday, January 20, 2011


It all started when mom made a yule log.

Bruno started wondering what was going on...

I opened this little gem of a card from Nic (Christine).

Still unsure of 2nd Christmas, baby Bruno needed cuds.

The 1st gift of 2nd Christmas was opened.  This is the knit wrap I made mother.

Christine opened her terrarium made by Monika with nature from Burbank!

More (tiny) nature from CA!

I made these for Christine.

It's a sad droopy kitten! Kitten on a mitten!!!

I bought Monika this jazzy Jules Verne collection of stories.  I bought this with USDs!!!!!

Christine personalized some wrapping.

Something funny happened.

More minature nature! The white this is a tooth of nature.  The twigs are urchin spines!

Delicious yule log.

Beatrix surveys the damage.

Cupcake Royale topped off 2nd Christmas.  My favorite was the carrot cake (top row, 2nd from the right).

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