Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas just won't quit

Mom informed me that the Christmas decorations are coming down this weekend. I say booo to this, but there's not much weight behind that booo because I took my Christmas decorations down on Tuesday evening. My tree was dead, dead, dead, and it was just too sad to bear any longer. Everything is packed up until next year, and all we Spokane people are left to face the snow and ice without any holiday magic. What a pity. (As I typed that, I realized that I could hear David Bowie saying it in my head. Yeah, it's from Labyrinth. Which reminds me that I need to go check out some of those Labyrinth fan trailers. And a reminder to you: those people are crazy. Crazy awesome.)

So, in the interest of extending Christmas a tiny bit longer, I'm going to offer up the last of my Second Christmas pictures over the next few days. It's a bit of a mix-bag. Some decorations, some ornaments, some cats, you know, the usual. We'll start with some of Mom's winter-time figurines: the snow girls. I'm guessing they're from Germany because, in our house, practically everything is. And then Playmobil Santa and reindeer (also Germany), and my little blond girl ornament (again, Germany) because I once was a little blond girl.

Frohliche Weihnachten! 

If I had my way, Christmas decorations would be up all year. I actually only take my decorations down because I'm very aware people will think I'm a weirdo if they come into my house in May and find a very festive tree in the living room. Just like that one time when I hosted an after party for one of our visiting authors and had to drag my fully-decorated Christmas tree into my bedroom, so I didn't end up being the crazy girl who still had a Christmas tree. I think that was in March. But guess what? I dragged that tree back into the living room the next day. That's the power of Christmas. Although, I don't think it's Christmas itself as much as the tree with decorations and lights in my living room. What can I say? I'm a fool for a tree with stuff on it.

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