Friday, January 21, 2011


So, Monika and I were talking about the blog last night--her image-uploading woes, the whole where are we going where have we been? thing, and the fact that we broke the 3,000 views mark this week. I know it doesn't seem like much in the bigger blog picture, but we think it's amazing! I certainly never expected to get beyond 200 views in the five or so months we've been at this, and today we're at 3,060!

What Monika and I started wondering was this: Who are you people? I mean, we know a few of our readers because they're following us (Kathy!), or we call them up (Mom), or send emails (Barrett), or post things on facebook, like: Read this. Everyday, people, and we mean everyday.

But who are the rest of you mysterious readers?

We're thinking you should officially follow our blog or leave a comment, so we know who you are. And so we can affirm that you like us. We really, really want to be liked. Can you tell? I think we're pretty obvious.

Or you could tell us how much you hate us. That's fine too. We don't mind starting a blog feud. (Bring it to barn and we'll dance, brother.)

Or we can start a little dialogue. You can ask us your questions and get some answers. Like what is a fire? And why does it--what's the word?--buuurrrrn? (Which we do know the answer to, by the way. And yes, I did sing as I wrote that. We all sing songs from The Little Mermaid. No shame there.)

Did that make you hate us more? Or like us more? Just wondering...

I mean, I know you like to hear about all the Nicolai sister idiosyncrasies (because the very act of writing a blog about yourself {and your projects, food, interests, obsessions, house-cleaning schedule} is kind of an exercise in narcissism--of course everyone wants to know that I watched The West Wing and washed dishes today!), but beyond that, what's up? Do you come for the projects? The cooking? The weirdness or perceived weirdness (We're not weird! You're weird!)? Or maybe you're reading the blog in secret and don't want us to know. That's OK. We already know. And we don't mind. Maybe we even like it.

All right, confession time: I like it. As a writer (although, Catherine informed me over Second Christmas weekend that I really shouldn't call myself a writer unless I'm actively writing and this blog doesn't count. Sigh.), well, as a graduate of a writing program and a person who has published one story, I am pleased as punch to have strangers (and non-strangers alike) reading sentences--no matter what their subject matter--that have sprung from my brain. And let's be honest, I'm not doing a whole lot of non-blog writing at the moment; however, my New Year's resolution (for real? Yeah, I know.) is to write every sense. Letters, postcards, blogs, stories, emails, facebook messages, whatever. All of it.

Wait. How did I get on that topic? Hmm...regardless, we'd love to know your identities, secret or otherwise. And we'd like to thank you for soaking in all this strange and silly information about us. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat some macaroni and cheese, wash two plates, a knife, and three forks, and watch the rest of--wait for it--Spaced, Season II. (Check that out. It is most definitely worth your time.)

Monika gave me this tiny sea urchin for Second Christmas!

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