Sunday, January 23, 2011


This post is coming to you from the entrance to sickland. Yuck. But in the midst of the sinus headache, I remembered that I forgot to post one of the Second Christmas projects. Where is my mind? Probably way out in the water...

I created these calendars in Microsoft Word, which, believe me, was the biggest pain in the ass ever. If you can avoid using Word (in favor of Publisher or InDesign), do so. I cannot stress that enough. I guess I didn't need to say that at the top of the post, but whatever. My mind is a little swimmy tonight.

I have a collection of vintage paper-cut silhouettes and totally dig what they have going on, so I decided that was the way to go. For the images, I hit up one of my favorite web caches: Karen's Whimsy. I know, the name's rather...well, awful would be the word, but there's a ton of cool stuff to be found and most is free and in the public domain. Worth your time if you're in need of swell vintage graphics.

Anyway, here's a sampling: 12 months taken from the calendars I made for Monika and Catherine. Oh, and the calendars aren't actually crooked--it's my picture taking skills. I had reached a wobbly point in the year.

Oh wait. December is a no-go. Apparently, my computer doesn't feel like uploading some of my pictures (basically December and most of the images from Monika's calendar). Lame. But I'll give you this picture as a consolation prize. It's the January card from Monika's calendar. All wrapped up and ready for the box, that is, it was ready for the box a month ago--when I actually wrapped it.

Mom also received a calendar. The subject: crazy birds!

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