Saturday, January 29, 2011

This has nothing to do with that.

I went back to work today and even though I felt a little iffy in the morning, by the end of the day I was right as rain. Yippee! I was so happy to be feeling better that when I got off work, I decided to make a trip 1. to the liquor store and 2. to the yarn store. Now, I know me saying that I'm going to the liquor store sounds...bad (Bad? Hey, I'm an adult.), but I don't plan on drinking tonight. It's an errand that needs (yes, needs) to be run, and they're not open on Sunday (my regular errand day). 

You see, I finished up everything in the house before I got sick (which had nothing to do with me getting sick--it began as a cold and moved onto the stomach flu) and it wasn't at all important while I was sick, but now that I'm not sick, I can envision a weekend where drinking a couple of gin & tonics or bourbons, neat (my friend, Dan, taught me neat last year. Before that, my bourbons were plain or regular), would not be such a bad idea. And I should also say, because I felt like a super-lush carting four empty liquor bottles out to the recycle bin this evening, that it took me a while to drink those. It's not like this restocking episode is a weekly or even monthly occurrence. It just so happens that I found myself at the bottom of those bottles around the same time.

Wow. I went on the defensive right away. And not much to say about the yarn store. Guess I don't expect Mother dear to frown on that half of the excursion.

Moving on...

I've been waiting for the right moment to show off some of my estate sale and thrift store finds, from our out and about in Tacoma over Second Christmas, but I realized that the right moment is a ways off (because I had to leave all the unpackable {not a word} items at Mom's), so I better just get to it. Here's what I was able to bring home with me.

A handful of hearts

A vintage telephone and address book.

The cover is all satiny. Ooooooh.

And the pages are all blank. Just waiting for me to put pencil to paper.
This is a very important step in writing oftener.

A colorful assortment of gift cards

A 1968 copy of True Grit

It has an appropriate amount of wear, I think.

What an oddball assortment of items, but I suppose it fits with the oddball assortment of topics in this post. Oh well, I can't always tie everything together. Wait. Rooster Cogburn and drinking. You must admit, that just about gets there.

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