Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 10 of 2010: Music

I've been meaning to make this list for a while (a bunch of lists, actually) since the end of 2010. I know several pretty good list-makers (not as good as Thomas Jefferson, but throwing his name in the mix sets the bar pretty high), and I don't exactly claim to be one of them, but I'm making a few little lists anyway. Maybe the sisters will get in on the list-making action. Or maybe you will, and then we'll have an amazing list bonanza!

Here's a list disclaimer: my lists won't be the top 10 of ______ released or published in 2010. My lists are the top 10 of ______ that I adored/obsessed over/couldn't get enough of in 2010 (with links! I mean, if you care. And if you don't: feel free to leave.). Prepare to dive into my brain-pan and come up with a handful of music.

MUSIC: Albums
1. The Lady Killer, Cee Lo Green
2. Fur and Gold, Bat for Lashes
3. The Recordings of the Middle East, The Middle East
4. The King of Hi-De-Ho, Cab Calloway
5. To Survive, Joan As Police Woman
6. Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall, Rufus Wainwright
7. Licensed to Ill, Beastie Boys
8. Soundtrack to the End, Communist Daughter
9. The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z
10. Live at the Cimarron Ballroom, Patsy Cline

MUSIC: Songs
1. "Bossa Nova Baby", Elvis
2. "Paper Planes", MIA
3. "Dead Man's Party", Oingo Boingo
4. "Salina", The Avett Brothers
5. "Speaking of Happiness", Gloria Lynne
6. "Dixon's Girl", Dessa
7. "Ridin"', Chamillionaire
8. "Ghost Town", First Aid Kit
9. "Everything that Happens", Brian Eno & David Byrne
10. "The Giant of Illinois", Andrew Bird

That was in no particular order, by the way. Isn't that annoying? Because you know I could impose a hierarchy on these bad boys. I just choose not to. Such a jerk.

And apropos of nothing (actually, just because I feel weird without one), here's a picture.

Taken at one of the train-yards on Trent. Trent is basically the industrial area of Spokane. Lots of manufacturing places, train tracks, abandoned doll factories, stuff like that. And, I'm guessing, because of the large number of truckers, Trent also seems to have quite
a few dirty bookstores and strip clubs. Also, dive restaurants, which seem, from 35 mph, deliciously promising.

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