Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Wonderful!

Monika's Second Christmas Post:
Blurry Lights in Glendale
Let me start by thanking Christine for showing me how to update my blogger edition I was using. I am so very excited to test out my new wings and see if I can fly. Okay so here is my Christmas blog post, I feel like it's still okay to post because we are still in January which as I am sure you are fully aware is Second Christmas month. To get you in the mood I have posted a blurry camera picture I took at the Americana in Glendale. Also to further justify that my tardiness for this post should be forgiven, in Burbank some houses are still adorned with glowing Christmas spirit. 

Naturally I loved my holiday celebration, we ate approximately 100 different types of desserts and sweets! Yum...and ouch, inevitably, later in the digestive process. Unfortunately I was without a camera, as I believe a prior post informed you of my situation, so I am able to share the following photos. Which are a couple gifts I made for Mom and Sisters. Thank you for sending the photos to me Christine, they are lovely, much props.

Felted ball necklace, grey with flecks of blue, black &  white.
This was my first attempt at jewelry making, I think... can't really remember for sure, oh I did make Catherine some earrings for her birthday last year. But this was my first knitted necklace. I can say that with certainty.

Christine wearing hers

Okay here is something else, I also water colored some little note cards. The pictures were actually based on previous blog posts. I combined the few handmade cards with some other cute ones I had around (including a Jill Bliss) and wrapped a little faux bois Martha Stewart ribbon around them and pinned it all together. I had some other pictures of them but I think Ben deleted them from the camera. So thanks again Christine!
Pinned and packaged.

You'll have to find the original picture...
Well, that's all I have for now. I actually need to get to work on a present that I didn't have done in time for the official present opening ceremonies. But it is really time sensitive so I need to be getting on it and getting it in the post. 

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