Monday, January 3, 2011

Under the bridge

For some reason, my camera refuses to download pictures to my computer. This is a serious uh-oh-spaghettios situation because I've already written an oddball rambling post for today and it doesn't work without the pictures. Believe me, it barely works with them. But I've been meaning to post another set of Spokane pictures for a several weeks, so with a complete lack of context, here they are.

Oh, all right. A little context. This is the railroad bridge over Latah Creek. I drive over the bridge next to it (in the back) on my way to Fairchild Air Force Base, and I always caught a little glimpse of the artwork on the supports. So, one day, I went down the hill to check them out. If there's a flat, empty concrete surface, someone in Spokane is going to paint it.

Even all the grime has a kind of beauty, right?

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