Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hate snow, but I love snow days!

So I never imagined being able to benefit from a snow day, but tonight that's just what happened. My MPA class was cancelled because of a small "snow storm" headed through Olympia.  It was really nice of Evergreen considering people commute from all over to go to class.  Instead of being in class from 6-10 I went to Trinacria in downtown Olympia and had the most delicious of calzones.   After dinner I got to work on a present for 2nd Christmas that I have been neglecting for months. I'm going to go out on a limb and show you pictures because I'm pretty sure my mother has only been to this site 2 or 3 times so far.  As you may remember, 2nd Christmas is happening this weekend. I was cutting it close let me tell you!

I decided to knit a lace shawl/wrap for my mother. I start this in the summertime and finished weaving in the ends tonight.  I would never have started this while taking classes.  My mom probably won't understand the time that went into this, but she'll love it...hopefully.

So first I had to soak the project in Eucalan wash.


Next you have to stretch it out (blocking) and pin every single edge so that the knit will dry exactly how you want it.

It's really quite clever that you can shape knits.  
Finished product.

Pinning took a solid hour and some.

Finished product

After I was done blocking the wrap (and kicking the cats out of the empty basement room), I decided to go outside and document previously mentioned snowfall.  All of the pictures were taken outside around 10:20 tonight.  Things got dangerous real quick.

I was taking this picture of the Bigelow Mansion when I heard a noise, turned around, and saw a dangerous creature.

Oh you can't see it? Look harder right in front of our house by the tree and it was taking an attack stance.

Yup you guessed it.  A raccoon or as some cousins call them, kitty!!!!

I made it back inside before an attack happened, but I could tell I was in extreme danger.  
I will post pictures of the lace shawl/wrap once it's dry and unpinned.  Even though it's so light outside, it's time for bed.

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