Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Cat of Second Christmas!

Catherine has Bruno in the bag.
I'm feeling a bit better, so I decided that it was high time for the very last of my Second Christmas posts. I believe Monika (and maybe Catherine) still has some post-Second Christmas posting to do, but as for me, this is it. I've decided to go out on the official Cat of Second Christmas (something I just made up right this second), which has to be Bruno Jenkins. Matilda stayed home in Spokane (happily, after the ordeal that was Real Christmas), Beatrix (aka: Bea, baby black bear, little black bowling ball) slept most of the time, and Peanut wasn't invited, so Bruno takes the title. Since Bruno has been mentioned several times in the blog, I should probably give a little background.

Bruno began his life with the Nicolai family in my household in Spokane, but after a visit with Mom (while I was away in New York and then caught in a terrible Spokane January from which I could not escape for several weeks), he became aTacoma resident. Now, I don't need to go over all the details of the story, but let me just say that when I came to retrieve Bruno, it quickly became apparent Mom was going to miss him way more than she was going to miss me, so he stayed. He's settled down quite a bit since living in Spokane--for instance, I'm fairly certain he no longer derives maniacal joy from breaking my things and biting me on the face. Thank goodness. Yup, in these past three years he's actually turned into quite the cuddle-bug...though he does still have his moments.

Here, Bruno fights a fake dog. You may also have noticed a little
something on the floor in the background. That is fake poo.
I had to log into my myspace account to get this picture, which
required that I remember my yahoo account information.
 Worth 20 minutes of password resetting? Totally.

Anyway, Bruno had a terrific time over the course of Second Christmas. Ribbons, paper, boxes, a tree to sleep under, and Monika (one of his favorite people). Sorry about the quality of the pictures; Bruno's a fast one, as you'll very soon see...

Packages and ribbons are no match for him.

And the succulent terrarium from Monika?

Bruno liked that, too.

Sweet little sleeper.

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