Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Visitors from afar.

I recently had a week of visitors, well two visitors split up this last week. Ben's mom who traveled south from Washington to have some birthday fun, and Dawn made the trek (she flew, she didn't actually trek) from Austin, Texas.

Here is a peek of the fun times we had via instagram. Yea fun!

Ben helped me sew a Happy Birthday banner for his mom out of felt.
We used this to stage a fun little birthday party at Disneyland with party hats, pom-poms, and all that's good.

 We saw some men climbing the Matterhorn, they are the little blurry red dots way up at the top.

Wednesday evening Dawn came into town, and we dreamed of collaborative crafts and relaxed so much it was exhausting.

Dawn brought me a lovely paper package with a plethora of crochet hooks and feathers! 

We enjoyed iced coffee and breakfast sandwiches at the park. 

Went to Malibu and staged a battle (... more to come on this). 

We also saw part of the circle of life. Wonder what happened. 

Dawn wasn't shy about her mad cooking skills. 

And of course we bloody married the weekend away.

And we also did a ton of other fun stuff--picked out fabric to make her wedding napkins, embroidered, made friendship bracelets, ate more food, bought used books, walked with dogs... the list goes on (but only in my brain, the list on the blog ends with 'walked with dogs').

All pics compliments of monikajane on Instagram.

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