Wednesday, August 8, 2012

darling deerface

Little Bear Giclee Print

I'd like you to meet Devon Smith, the artist behind the darling Deerface. (Psst...I added the darling because she is!) This is a brief sampling of her illustrative work. Pretty pretty, right? I love how all the girls look either really petulant or really suspicious. And isn't petulant an excellent word? Petulant. Pet-u-lant. Sorry. This is how I amuse myself.

Double or Nothing watercolor & ink

Weep for the Pigeons print

Dreaming Jewels Giclee Print

If it Kills Me Giclee Print

I also love, in case you're interested (and I assume if you're reading this you might be), the juxtaposition between the soft feel of these pieces, color-wise, tendril-wise (both plants and hair), and the strange emotional edge of the subject matter (suspicion, anger, jealousy). Intriguing, yeah? I think so. Also, she's from Wellington, NZ, and she's pondering a career detour into tattoo artistry. Whoa, get a load of those details. Ms. Devon Smith probably couldn't get any sweller.
I wonder if she has a cat...?

You can visit Ms. Smith's blog, DeerFace, here.
And her way cool BFF style/craft/awesomeness blog, Battle Sisters, here.

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