Monday, August 13, 2012

let's get mystical

Chrysoprase pet rock necklace

It's true. Pet rock necklaces have the power to change you in ways you wouldn't believe...especially when they're
imbued with the mystical properties of various rocks and minerals. Who is the behind these bundles of happiness, confidence, and prosperity, you ask? Why Ms. Darbie Nowatka of Field Guide Design. 

I purchased the above Chrysoprase necklace as a graduation gift for Catherine. Not only does it encourage prosperity and success, but it also "protects against negative energies and facilitates happiness." You can see it right there on the card that comes with the necklace. Believe me, Catherine needs all the protection against negative energies she can get. No offense, sister, but you're constantly inundated with that stuff. I hope you're wearing this necklace like every single day. 

But if you're not surrounded by Negative Nellies, there are definitely other pet rock options. 

So many lovely choices!

May I take a moment to exclaim my admiration for the packaging design? The bold geometric graphics and colors remind me of paperback covers for F. Scott Fitzgerald novels. Doesn't the design just scream Jazz Age? Take a nice slow scroll down the package for the Rhodochrosite, and I think you'll find yourself in agreement. 

Rhodochrosite pet rock packaging

OK, now I am going to say something (or write something, rather) that seems off topic, but really isn't. As much
as I love these necklaces, I can't help but be reminded of Rosemary's Baby and Needful Things. Why? Because
 of the terrifying necklaces in each! Rosemary, of course, gets that bauble filled with Tannis Root for "good luck"
--yeah, right--and Polly Chalmers gets a necklace with an insane spider inside. It's supposed to cure her arthritis,
but it really just wants to destroy her. Shudder. It's the little cage, I tell you, the little cage. And the magic.

All right, now that my necklace fears have been voiced, I should say that I feel nothing but serenity as far as the
 pet rock necklaces are concerned. No spiders to worry about and no devilish dealings. Just lovely charms to wear
 about your person and good vibes from deep within the earth. Why, I don't mind if I do!

Amethyst pet rock necklace

Magnetite pet rock necklace

You can find Ms. Nowatka's etsy store here.
And her blog, Field Guide 35, here.

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