Tuesday, August 7, 2012

paint-by-number love


OK, I realize that paint-by-numbers now carry some hipster stigma, but I still love them. I have several paint-by-numbers on display in my apartment, and even though they contribute heftily to my kitschy, cluttered, Victorian-era spinster aunt vibe, I refuse to remove them from their places of honor. All that being said, these paint-by-numbers have been perfectly integrated into a clean and modern design. No spinster aunts here, just quirky and bright conversation pieces. 

Who is the architect of these fine paint-by-number transformations? Janet Lee, author of Living in a Nutshell. Her new book is dedicated entirely to occupying, decorating, and thriving in small spaces. Don't mind if I do, Ms. Lee. 



I would happily bring any of these ideas into my nutshell, but I don't think I could bear cut any of my paint-by-number masterpieces. Time to scour estate sales for some expendable duplicates, or put brush to canvas and paint a truly fantastic kitten nightstand with one of these beauts from Herrschner's. 

You can visit Ms. Lee's blog here. (Cat report: she has a Siamese named Scooter!)
I found Ms. Lee via the September issue of Country Living. You can view the article (and instructions) online here.


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